HOOT from home: Service use guidelines

  • Be welcoming to new participants on the site
  • Use your real first name, if you feel comfortable doing so. You are not required to use your name but it helps us to feel more connected and know who we are all speaking to.
  • Celebrate achievements; people are much more likely to carry on creating if they know that their work is appreciated
  • Be patient with other participants; not everybody is used to using the internet, and some may need more help than others.
  • If you see somebody struggling with a technical issue you’ve solved yourself and you’re able to help, please don’t be afraid to post how you solved it.
  • Before starting work, remember to charge your device; this is especially important for live sessions.
  • If you are having any issue with using HOOT from home, please don’t hesitate to post your question onto the Question section of Discuss With Others (link here); if that is unsuccessful, please email one of the email addresses below though please note we are available Mon – Thursday 10 - 4:


  • When taking photos, audio recordings or video, be aware of what’s in the background; this will help prevent you from accidentally sharing private information about yourself or other people in your household.

HOOT from home: Rules

  • (1) Don’t post personal information about yourself or others onto the site; this would include last names, phone numbers, addresses, photos or any other information you could use to identify somebody outside of the site.
  • (2) Don’t post extreme, inappropriate or triggering content onto the site; what might be acceptable to you may cause others distress, and the site is a safe space for everybody. If you are unsure whether the post is acceptable, contact a CSW and ask them (Jonathan, Kathy, Carmel)
  • (3) Don’t give out your username and password to anybody; this is to keep your account safe and so that we know who operates which account.
  • (4) Don’t make copies of other people’s work posted on the site; it belongs to them, and they might not want it shared outside of the site. This includes screenshots, photos, videos, audio recordings or any other form of copying. If you would like to share it, you must ask the creator of the piece of work first.
  • (5) Keep any feedback positive and constructive; being creative isn’t about technical ability, and overly harsh criticism might discourage others from participating.
  • (6) Treat fellow participants and staff with dignity and respect; the site is a safe space for everybody. Abuse, bullying or aggression towards staff, volunteers or other participants is unacceptable, and constitutes grounds for exclusion from all activities.